Activities, Make the video between 28th to 30th of April.

Dear students and parents,
You are requested to make two videos one on Yoga and its benefits and the other one on any of the following topics :

*Cleaning house
*Washing dishes
*Gardening (plantation /    watering)
*Bird feeding
*Do’s and don’t’s on  Coronavirus
*Doing household chores with mom

Rules :
Make the video between *28th to 30th of April.*

Upload on your fb account and tag *maruti academy official  School’s page*.

Student who do this will be given a certificate of awareness after the reopening of the school.

(No student is supposed to go out for this activity.)

*Start the video with your intro including your name, class and school’s name and use the hashtags like
#quarantine #recreationactivities #schooltask #funtime #funwithlearning #useyourtime #stayindoor #staysafe #freefromcorona*.

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