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Various Curricular and Co-Curricular activities are organized to bring about physical, intellectual, emotional and ethical integration in a child.

Training for Scholarship Examinations
Extra classes are organized
Advanced assignments are given.
Regular tests are taken.
Special classes are conducted during school hours for students participating in the scholarship exams. Students are trained and made aware of the pattern of the paper, types of questions etc.

Physical Fitness Programme
Apart from regular PE periods the school also conducts yoga for all as a regular curricular activity.

Vacation Classes
We at Maruti Academy believe that education is complete only when every single child of the class is thorough with the concept taught. Hence teachers take extra care to ensure that the low achievers also benefit and thrive, as far as performance and understanding of the concept is concerned. Special classes are conducted during vacations wherein special modules are created to help the weaker students. On the basis of each student’s needs, lessons and concepts are reiterated and revised. These classes prove very helpful to students and the results are clearly evident in their performance.

Educational Trips
Trips to historical places, Science Centre, museums etc are organized on a regular basis. Each trip is planned meticulously so that the outing is an enriching one.

House System
To develop leadership qualities, self-confidence, spirit of teamwork, co-operation and imbibing good moral and social responsibilities, an effective House System has been adopted.
The students of classes III onwards are divided into four houses – Ruby House, Emerald House, Topaz House, and Sapphire House.
Students with exemplary behaviour are selected as Head Boy, Head Girl, House Prefect, Vice Prefect and Sports Captain & Sports Vice Captain.
The house system provides a platform to students to exhibit their Literary, Cultural and physical talents through a number of competitive activities like recitation, declamation, story telling, debate, essay writing, solo dance, fancy dress, indoor and outdoor games etc.

School Prefectional Board
To develop the essential skills of organization, administration and management the School Prefectorial Board headed by the Head Boy and the Head Girl from Senior Section and Junior Section each. A School Sports Captain and Vice-Captain are also appointed on the Prefectorial Board with the Prefect, two Vice-Prefects for Junior as well as senior houses. Every house has a Sports Captain to look into the inter house sports events.
In an impressive Investiture Ceremony, every year the School Prefectorial Board is officially installed where student leaders are administered the oath by the Principal.

Clubs and Societies
A number of clubs and committees are formed in the beginning of the year. These clubs and committees are formed with an aim to provide exposure to the students to hone their hidden talent and hence help them to shape up their personality. The different clubs & committees functioning in the school are:
Quiz Club
Science Club
Literary & Debating Society
Fine Arts Club
Interact Club
Nature Club
National Integration Club
Performing Arts Club
Transport Committee
Hospitality Club
Health & Hygiene Club
Sports Club
Mathematics Club
Club for International Understanding

Interact Club
“Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls”. Keeping this thought in mind the school’s Interact Club was installed. The activities of the club are planned to ensure not only the active participation of the members but also of all the students of the school. As part of fund raising activities, stalls of self made Rakhis and Diwali Diyas are put up by the interacters in the school premises. The money thus collected is sent for charity. Like wise other activities like visit to an orphanage and a seminar on drug abuse etc. is also on the agenda.

Girl Guide/ Bulbul and Scout Unit
To enable and develop students to the fullest potential as responsible citizens, not only of the country but also of the world, the girls and boys of the school are members of the Girl Guide, Bulbul and Scouts Unit.
With an unflinching sight on the motto ‘ Be Prepared’ the units effectively function with dedication throughout the year.

Day and Night Camps and Excursions
They make students tough and also teach them to live together
They help in instilling in students values such as co-operation, sharing, helping others and team work.
Overnight camps for various classes are organized regularly
Leadership camps are organized for Prefects and Monitors.
Excursions to different cities and places of importance are arranged

School Functions
The school celebrates / organizes
All the functions pertaining to national and regional culture
All National Days and festivals
Annual Day – The Cultural bonanza provides a platform to a large number of students to showcase their talents.
Pre-Primary Appreciation Day.
Open Day- The school puts up a grand exhibition wherein the students exhibit various projects .Parents and guests are invited to the exhibition.
Sports Day – The school organizes an athletic meet every alternate year wherein students compete with each other and contribute points to the respective houses.

In – Service Teacher Training: Inhouse staff enrichment programmes are conducted in the school at regular intervals on topics of pedagogical interest to enhance and add to the experience of the teachers. Also they attend Workshops organized by other schools or outside agencies.
Workshops & seminars for students are also conducted at regular intervals on various latest topics & developments in the field of education.


Plantation by students at Maruti Academy


Activity Project


Plantation Ceremony between National volunteers at Maruti Academy

“Plantation Ceremony between National volunteers at Maruti Academy”

All India Executive Member Hon. Indresh Kumarji State’s Hon’ble Chief Minister Mr. Vinaji Soni, Former minister Santosh ji Joshi, State President Taranjit Singh Biyani, State Organization Minister Shri Arjun Singh ji Mewara, State Convenor Mr. Yogesh Jain, School children planted among these honorable legends. In honor of the guests, R.S.S. students present guard of honour.
Students took the pledge of environmental protection. This program was concluded in the vicinity of Dr. Ajay Tiwari, President of School and District Guardian Officer.


Children enjoying Swimming

Teacher taught making sandwich …….kids enjoy it….!

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School Reopen Session 2019-20

  • Children’s Special Assembly and Program by teachers

    Kabbadi National Player

  • Aatiya-Aaatiya-at-State-level














    Card Competition














A motivated, dedicated and well qualified faculty oversees the well being of our students. A good teacher – student ratio makes is possible for our faculty to monitor the progress of every child.


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