President Message

Maruti Academy is a school where knowledge reigns supreme. Our school aims at grooming each child academically, socially and spiritually so that they become very confident and well balanced citizen of the world. We can also very proudly say that we are the pioneers in digital learning in Ratlam district and we always upgrade technology so that we are able to provide a cutting edge technology platform for our students.We always believed that education can bring about a positive change in the society. This has led us to come up with initiatives like hope for the future, Mother’s Empowerment for educational development and Rural education mission.
Through these initiatives we hope to leave an indelible mark on the society. We insist the values of creative thinking, reading good books, confidence building and respecting other’s values and beliefs

and developing a spirit of tolerance. The scholars are skillfully trained in life skill education too.
The purpose of education must extend beyond purely clinical outputs. It must promote values that we aspire to as a community. We must remember that intelligence is not enough. Intelligence with character is the ultimate goal of true education.