Academic Details

Pre-Primary & Primary

The Pre-Primary kids learn and enjoy creative pursuits during the activity period. Play equipments, toys, traffic signals, water pools and sandpits are some of the major attractions. Latest equipments that will enhance learning by doing are introduced every year.

The pre-primary foundation is the matter prime important for us, as it features the sensory stimulus training, aimed at stimulation of logical thinking capabilities and preparation for formal learning

Middle School

At Middle school level we guide the students not only to listen but also understand, not only to follow but lead and not only to dream but create

Senior Secondary 

Senior secondary is the learning stage, where there are several distinct , dimensions to equip the students. The focus is on physical, intellectual, Emotional and spiritual development to make him/her strong enough to face the challenge of competitive world.

Special sress is given on training for competitive exams depending on the choice of area. The preparation of the syllabus is covered under the preparing competitive exams